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This describes what the attendees at the 2007 Sioux Falls Sidewalk Arts Festival were looking for. On Saturday September 8th, I set up a booth, played piano, and mingled with the crowd. My debut album started selling by 8 in the morning, and my sales didn't stop until after 5 o'clock that evening while we were taking down the booth. It was just hopping! I signed autographs on many of them. I barely had time for a quick corn dog lunch! But I'm not complaining. As festival goers walked around, enjoying the 230 exhibits, my original piano music was heard drifting in the wind down the block. The vendor next to me was selling jewelry, and he claims that my piano music definitely increased his sales. There was also a master jump rope champion who really wowed the crowd along with a booth selling marionettes. My mother bought me one as a gift. It's a tiger named Harry who is orange and black and moves by the use of strings. All in all, I had a very exciting day. When I got home, I was tired and my hands ached from playing piano for 8 hours off and on. I took some aspirin and put ice on them. I was as good as new the next day. What a great way to end the summer. For now I must turn my attention to college and hit the books.
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