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St. Patty's Day Kicks off to a Fabulous Start; ends with a Big Bang!

This year, I had a blast on St. Patrick's Day! For the first time in my whole entire life, I was in the parade. Usually, it gets rained out, or not enough people show up. However, this year, we had good weather and a big crowd on our side. Because of these tough economic times, people are looking for less costly entertainment. Consequently, parades thrive. I rode in a collector's convertible with the Grand Marshal. There were balloons attached to the car, and I waved a green stuffed animal out the window as an added effect of excitement. Besides all of the loud horns from the fire truck and ambulance, candy being handed out and chit chatting, I heard some kid say, "I want that teddy bear." He was referring to the stuffed animal I was holding. Funny! All went off without a hitch UNTIL we were done with the parade and our ride was going to drop us off at the Calumet, where I had my gig. About a block from the Calumet, the convertible's engine died! What luck. So we all walked to the venue for some good irish music, traditional food and a wee bit of blarney. The gig was a spectacular event! Of course, I was wearing a shirt that said "I love Ireland."  It had the Irish flag on it too. Also, I wore this necklace with an leprechaun on it, and a ponytail holder in my hair with shamrocks. Irish Bling Bling. I played a song called Mummer's Dance on my penny whistle, and then I made up some contemporary Irish pieces on the spot. For example "Green Beer and Lucky Charms" and "Fairy Dance." I wanted to make the night contemporary rather than a pity party with sad songs for fuddy duddies. The night ended with me having chicken strips and fries instead of corn beef and cabbage or sheperds' pie. Honestly, it was the best St. Patrick's Day I've ever had being irish only for a day!

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