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Smashing Success Wedding on the Hottest Day of the Year!

Though it was the hottest day of the year, Jeff and Melissa's wedding was a smashing success. The bride and groom wanted their music unique and special. So I was free to be creative and express myself as a pianist. In their brochure, I was given credit for composing and arranging all of their wedding music. Thank you! One particular piece was written for the six bridesmaids and the flower girl to walk down the aisle. It is called SUMMER BREEZE. The song has a little bounce to symbolize the happy occasion and also to symbolize youthfulness. The piano sounded awesome! It was a refurbished Steinway Overstrung grand piano. It was given to the church with a cracked sound board. I heard it looked pretty beat up. So the piano was sent in to be repaired. A new sound board was put in and it was refinished. The end bill cost the church a hefty 18 thousand dollars to repair it. It is a high quality piano that any pianist would kill to play on. After the wedding, it was off to the reception at the Country Club. Making use of my keyboard, I played familiar favorites along with my original songs. I even previewed for those in attendance some of my new creations for my next album. I played during their cocktail and dinner hour and sold some CDs. Even though it was 97 degrees outside, there was LOVE inside.
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