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Sheriff keeps everyone in line

Kelly and I put together a night time gig to try something different. While we were setting up, the sheriff, Kelly’s husband, popped in to “keep everybody in line.” I said, “Yup, just pulled up in my tour bus.” When he looked out the window, he saw just a car. Well, close enough.  Maybe someday it will be a big bus. We definitely got a good laugh out of that one.


The gig was an intimate setting with both longtime fans and also newbies who enjoyed food, bling bling from The Clothier by Dawn, and of course great music. I was honored that a young boy who is taking piano lessons came to my gig and told me I was his inspiration. The audience asked me questions how each song was created from my three albums.


My swimming and Facebook buddies came to my gig, as did a high school friend, who was acting as my personal assistant. I would love to have one full time. Then the editor from the Pipestone Star newspaper stopped in and took pictures of me for the article on Kelly’s Koffee as a venue for aspiring musicians. All of this excitement made my gig fun! Kelly’s Koffee is a perfect venue for musicians to showcase their talent.  I can’t wait to come back and play! 

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