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Pool Party Happenings!

The CD Release Pool Party was a smashing success! It was 85 degrees and mostly sunny. Luckily the weather man was wrong. It didn't rain until the next day. The air was filled with the smell of grilled meat on a stick. We "smoked" 2 blenders and used 200 pounds of ice serving up delicious tropical drinks (Dreamsicles) for all. That can happen when you have over 100 people attending. I signed alot of autographs too. The kids swam in the pool while the adults were chillin out with me. Check out the tropical flower in my hair that my Aunt Mary bought me. Beautiful. I played songs from my album as well as requests for famous cover songs. It was hard to stump me since I know over 1000 songs. I played everything from Rock, Jazz, Pop, Oldies, Country,and even Reggae. Those who attended definitely got in on a special treat. My "Roadie" took lots of pictures and they are posted on my website for my fans to view. I want to thank all of you who came out and supported me as a new artist. My party at the "Jurrens Resort" was really a blast, and I will remember it for years to come.
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