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Performance at the Art Center August 26, 2006

To All My Fans, My CD Release Party at the Pipestone Performing Arts has created quite the buzz around town! Those who attended were definitely in for a real treat. I started out the evening with CD signing and mingling with the crowd before the show. Then everyone gathered into the theater to hear me perform the first half of the songs on Holly from the Heart. One song from each set featured guest violinist Diane Peterson. It was Night Flight on the first, and Shades of Love for the second half. Diane really added to the loveliness of the show. My Grand Finale was a dramatical number called The Coming of a Storm. A preview from my up and coming album I am working on. I could feel the energy from the audience. They really loved it. Dan, my friend and MC told a funny story about me at the beginning of each performance. One story was about me playing tee ball and the other was of me driving his red mustang in a field. Now that was fun! There was also a funny moment on stage. After I performed My Paradise on my last set, I meant to say "Now everyone can meet me out in the lobby for CD signing, heart shaped cookies and mints." But what actually came out instead of lobby was "library". I understand why I did that though. It was because of my tour in the month of July-Catch the Beat at the Library and it probably hadn't gotten out of my head yet. Two songs showed my hands projected on the back drop so the audience could watch me work my magic. For the Finale my banner with my name across it appeared onto the backdrop as an element of surprise. Ninety tea lights were lit on a rod iron screen setting behind the piano. It gave the WOW factor. The lighting crew Debbie Bullis and Peg Lange chose a color to reflect the mood for each song. There was aqua blue, green, yellow and red flooding the back drop. Rose petals were scattered on the stage floor around the 7' Conservatory Yamaha Grand Piano. Stunning! Overall, the crowd was very lively throughout both shows. A bunch of people not only clapped, but I heard some people cheering and even whistling at me. It was exhilarating and definitely pumped me up! In closing, I want to thank all of my fans who came out and supported me. You're awesome! If you didn't know already; I like that word a lot. This CD Release Party is something I will definitely remember for the rest of my life. Your friend, Holly
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