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A Grand Old Flag Day!

Flag Day kicked off to an awesome start! My first gig was at the Pipestone Public Library. There were at least 60 kids and their parents who attended my FLAG DAY EXTRAVAGANZA. Attendees were treated to some patriotic music performed on my penny whistle and harmonica. Numbers included The Star Spangled Banner followed by America the Beautiful. Next I read a book called Duck for President by Doreen Cronin. How fitting and very funny! Finally, the patriotic theme continued on through an activity called "Crack the Code". This involved keen detective work! The kids received a strip of paper with 3 or 4 patriotic words in Braille. They had to figure out from a card of Braille alphabet letters what was written. And last but not least, there was time for questions. Later that evening, Diane, the guest violinist on my album collaborated with me to do another gig. This was at the Sunrise Village in Jasper, Minnesota. We played for an hour performing songs the residents know and love, but also our two songs that I composed called Night Flight and Shades of Love. This was followed by fellowship, root beer floats, and CD signing. In a nutshell, it was a Grand Old Flag Day.
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